Thursday 22 April 2021
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Google is giving away free gas between LA and Vegas

Google is giving away free gas between LA and Vegas

Good news for California and Nevada drivers this weekend: Google is offering up free gas for two days between LA and Las Vegas.


Yes, really, free gas. 

The giveaway is part of a promotion around its new Google Maps app and includes free burgers and coffee for drivers making the schlep between the two cities.

The free gas (up to 10 gallons) is available until 8 p.m. local time Friday July 22 and from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday July 23 at the Shell gas station in Cima. Exit 272 off the 15 will get you there. There are only two pumps, though, so expect a bit of a wait for that sweet, free gas.

Google is also giving away free burgers at Peggy Sue’s Diner in Yermo, east of Barstow, and free liquid nitrogen coffee at a pop-up shop shaped like an igloo at the world’s tallest thermometer. Because why not?



Google Maps included the ability to add multiple stops in its app last month, as well as an enhanced timeline facility.