Thursday 22 April 2021
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How to sign-out from Viber

How to sign-out from Viber

If you wish to deactivate your Viber account from your desktop, please read this article.
To deactivate Viber from your mobile device, please follow the steps below.

​Important note: Deactivating your account will remove all of your data from Viber and deactivate Viber from all of your devices. You should create a backup file of your message history before deactivating.
  1. Open Viber
  2. Enter the More Options menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Privacy 
  5. Select Deactivate Account
Deactivation can only take place within the application. If you have uninstalled Viber and would like to deactivate your account, you will need to re-install Viber in order to do so.