Wednesday 26 June 2019
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Outdoor Marketing Augmented Reaity Campaign Promotes Latest Skoda Fabia

Outdoor Marketing Augmented Reaity Campaign Promotes Latest Skoda Fabia

An Augmented Reality technology has become the part of auto manufacturers imaginative skills. The technology kind of spices up the model and makes it much more appealing and  absorbing. Skoda, which is the Czech Republic based auto manufacturer, is the latest to join the bandwagon. Apparently the company runs a campaign to promote their latest model Skoda Fabia and present it in a unique way.
The campaign tends to run over one week and the people who pass by will have chance to interact with the latest model in various ways.
Are you interested in? The company established the interaction of Skoda new campaign at the London Waterloo Station. Catch it and have fun!

Fabia with Augmented Reality Experience

This outdoor marketing campaign offers the commuters over Skoda stand at the Waterloo Station to use the green touch-screen display provided there and customize their own version of Skoda Fabia. The user can select various looks and colors for their car and see the result which will display on the screen in real time.

14 different colors out there to fit your Fabia car and give your car an excellent look. There are five interiors and 3 concepts from which you can make your choice. There is also rich choice of designs.

So, if you want to experience the augmented campaign of Fabia, head down to the Waterloo Station and enjoy all the fun.