Thursday 22 April 2021
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Sony's Project Morpheus

Sony Has Made an Announcement about its New Project Morpheus Tending to Compete in VR Market

This world is going to be turned in quite a Virtual Reality environment. We dare to say that there will come a time when meeting people...

Skoda Fabia Promotion via AR

Outdoor Marketing Augmented Reaity Campaign Promotes Latest Skoda Fabia

An Augmented Reality technology has become the part of auto manufacturers imaginative skills. The technology kind of spices up the model...

robots learn cooking

DARPA Developed a Tech Allowing Robots to Cook for You by Learning from YouTube Videos

People are divided into two parts. The first one is extremely involved in Robotic field and Robotic innovations, whereas the next part is...

HAYQ-Armenian Application

HAYQ – Armenian Application Launched by AOODAX

‘Cause we are HAYQ. HAYQ – Armenian Application has been developed chasing just one single purpose: that is to bring together...

Jaguar - In-Car Alerts

Jaguar Land Rover Uses In-Car Alerts Which Tend to Protect Cyclists and Drivers from Crashes

This is excellent news for car drivers and cyclists. Jaguar Land Rover has done quite amazing work in automotive safety with its Virtual...